Hasseki Hagia Sophia Bath, Hasseki Hürrem Sultan, in 1556, was built in Mimar Sinan in order to be pious. Ottoman bath building in the style of the classical era, in the form of a double bath and 75 m in length. In this bath, Turkish bath, an innovation in architecture, including some for the first time men and women were made on the same axis. Two sections are adjacent portions of the temperature, changing-rooms are located at both ends of the axis. The changing of the men, the women”s section the temperature of coldness and warmth, coolness would soyunmalıg monitored after uptake. A well cut stone walls of the building, was erected in two rows. Men in the upper part of the facade of the soyunmalıg four women and three in part is soyunmalıg has pointed arched windows. Door all the domes are covered with lead.
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