Khedive in Turkish Hidiv is a title used for Ottoman’s Governers of Egypt which is equivalent to the English word vicery.The Hidiv Kasri was built on the ridge of large grove of Cubuklu by Italian architect Delfo Seminati in 1907. When Egypt gained its independence from the Ottoman Empire, Abbas Hilmi Pa?a, the last Ottoman governor of Egypt, was dismissed from his position as khedive. Thenby Sultan Mehmet Resat V permission began to live here with his family in Istanbul

In the ceiling of Pavilion is covered by stained glass. From pavilions watchtower a portion of the Bosphorus can be viewed. The tower is the most popular section of the kiosk because of its view over the Bosphorus.

After the Hidiv of Egypt left Istanbul in the 1930s, Hidiv Kasri was purchased by the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality. Between the years 1937 and 1982 very seldom it was used, sometimes used as a movie set. It was restored in 1982 and after two years of restoration work in 1984 open as a hotel, restaurant, and cafeteria.



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